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80% MERINO 10% CASHMERE 10% SILK – Nm6/1 & Nm6/2

Coming from the Gaelic word for ‘elegant’, Galanta is the luxury nep yarn by Knoll.

Spun finer to Nm6, Galanta comprises 80% Merino Wool, with 10% each of fine Chinese Cashmere and Mulberry Silk. This yarn will produce a luxurious knitted or woven fabric to enhance any collection.

Galanta Lomhara

69% MERINO  21% ALPACA 5% CASHMERE  5% SILK – Nm6/2

Adding the Irish word for ‘precious’, our most luxurious blend is further enhanced by twisting the newly extended range with the same wool/alpaca shades. Merino wool with three Noble fibres is our richest creation to date.

Both qualities are produced in collaboration with our friends in Ireland, Donegal Yarns and carry the unique qualities that attach to The Genuine Donegal.

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